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Agate and Turquoise Buddha Bracelet

Agate and Turquoise Buddha Bracelet

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This very beautiful Agate and Turquoise Buddha Bracelet is made with 8 mm semi-precious natural stone beads as well as a widespread and particularly sacred Buddha image for Buddhists and Hindus. Beads against the evil eye have also been added, as well as spacer beads in zinc alloy confirming the perfect elegance of the whole.

Black Agate stone is a very shiny stone which gives it extreme elegance. But, it also has very beneficial virtues, because it is a stone of balance which acts on energy blockages to dissipate and dissolve them. On the physical, it participates in a better elimination of toxins to bring an improvement of the blood circulation. It dispels negative thoughts, as well as negative energies.

Turquoise dissipates electromagnetic energies causing harmful pollution in our environment. It helps to overcome the limits of shyness while contributing to better personal fulfillment and encouraging people who have it to acquire a better vision of themselves. Turquoise is also particularly intended for couples and lovers in general, as it stimulates love and promotes romance.

This very beautiful Agate and Turquoise Buddha Bracelet is made for you, you will get it as soon as you click on "Add to cart".

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