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Natural Amazonite Beaded Bracelet

Natural Amazonite Beaded Bracelet

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This beautiful Natural Amazonite Beaded Bracelet is a completely handmade design referring to the ethnic style with great charm. The central stone and the small side beads are gathered on a woven cord closed by a slip knot allowing it to be easily adjusted to most wrists.

Amazonite owes its name to the place where it was initially discovered, the regions near the Amazon River. It is the stone of gaiety, because it makes it possible to better put events into perspective and brings joy to life. It is therefore effective in fighting against sadness, developing tenderness and dispelling negative thoughts to improve the state of inner serenity. It is therefore beneficial for people prone to low morale or depression. It dispels frustrations and promotes communication in general as well as contact with others and spontaneity.

On the physical aspect, Amazonite offers its protection by fighting against harmful electromagnetic waves emanating from modern devices. It also has a soothing effect on the central nervous system. This stone enjoys a legendary reputation where its use dates back to antiquity.

Make this Natural Amazonite Beaded Bracelet your good mood bracelet by clicking "Add to Cart" now. He will be your daily personal protector.

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