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Amazonite bracelet on knotted cord

Amazonite bracelet on knotted cord

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This Knotted Cord Amazonite Bracelet is absolutely stunning. Its perfectly mastered realization makes it a jewel of great class and real elegance. No doubt you will make some jealous people around you.

It is made with genuine natural Amazonite stones, interspersed with golden copper beads, and mounted on a skillfully tied cord between each bead. Made by hand, it is easy to imagine the game of patience it takes to produce such an exceptional piece of jewellery.

Amazonite is a stone whose properties are particularly recommended for people who are depressed or tend to be. These people will be able to better manage and put situations into perspective.

Amazonite also fights negative energies as well as thoughts of the same kind. By bringing calm, appeasement and even joy, this stone helps to fight against all forms of irritation, against stress and against frustration. It promotes the liberation of thought, develops creativity by increasing the power of the imagination.

Like any elegant jewel, this Amazonite Bracelet on a knotted cord will find its place on your wrist by coordinating perfectly with each of your outfits. Do not miss such a jewel and click on "Add to cart" to receive it as soon as possible.xuanz

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