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Amazonite bracelet and its “Tree of life” pendant

Amazonite bracelet and its “Tree of life” pendant

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This magnificent Amazonite Bracelet and its "Tree of Life" charm combines the charm of the soft colors of its superb semi-precious natural stones with their beneficial properties.

The first interest of Amazonite is that it participates in the rebalancing of the magnetic fields disturbed by the various modern devices which invade our daily life and our environment and which generate negative, polluting and harmful waves for our organisms.

Then, this stone by its purifying effect acts on the emotional and mental level as well as on the affective zones. It is soothing to promote better sleep by encouraging relaxation. She also fights against stress and offers support in the event of a breakup or separation to limit suffering. As it is soothing, Amazonite frees the thoughts and participates in the development of the imagination to promote the creative spirit. As for the Tree of Life, it is a truly sacred symbol in some cultures. It represents the link between heaven and earth. It symbolizes life and longevity crossing time, strength and rebirth for its survival to the rhythm of the seasons.

This Amazonite Bracelet and its "Tree of Life" pendant will charm you with its beauty and fill you with its benefits as soon as you own it, click on "Add to basket" to receive it.

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