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Guided Meditation

Emotional mood Ring

Emotional mood Ring

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This amazing mood ring has the ability to change color depending on your emotions and mood.

Our emotions can affect our body temperature, even without us realizing it. Thanks to this mood ring which continuously records these variations, you will be able to observe its color changes. When you are stressed, it will turn black; when you are in a good mood, it will be purple; when you are calm and relaxed, it will be blue; when you are angry, it will take on a yellow hue; and when you are in love, it will adorn itself with green. This ring is a valuable tool for monitoring your emotions and even learning to manage them by taking control of yourself.

By observing your ring carefully, you will be able to identify and act on harmful emotions that threaten your well-being. When you go through periods of stress, anxiety or anger, give yourself a brief meditation session that will bring you the peace you need to find your inner calm. You will then notice that your mood ring will return to a more pleasant color.

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