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"Balance and Harmony" necklace of the 7 chakras

"Balance and Harmony" necklace of the 7 chakras

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This superb "Balance and Harmony" necklace of the 7 chakras has been designed to bring you the well-being you need and which is essential for your chakras. These are often, and on a regular basis, disturbed and weakened by the surrounding negative waves, abused on a daily basis, which disturbs your inner balance which is destabilized and leads to a loss of vitality and a certain malaise causing fatigue. , loss of energy, low mood, etc. It is therefore important, if not urgent, to bring them balance and harmony, but also to allow them to restore themselves or unblock themselves.

This "Balance and Harmony" necklace of the 7 chakras will fulfill this role perfectly while being a very pretty choker jewel made entirely by hand and composed of Jasper, Agate, Amethyst, Tiger's Eye, Lapis Lazuli and Turquoise stones. It is finished with a lobster clasp.

Radiate with the colors of the chakras with this "Balance and Harmony" Necklace of the 7 chakras, your daily well-being, your inner balance and your beauty will be assured. Quickly click on "Add to cart" to receive yours now.

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