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Bracelet with Blue Onyx Charm

Bracelet with Blue Onyx Charm

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You'll love the depth of color in this Natural Blue Onyx Charm Bracelet. It is composed of 8 mm semi-precious stone beads as well as cylindrical beads and an "Om", "Lotus Flower" or "Buddha" charm of your choice in zinc alloy.

In general, Onyx is an excellent stone of protection. Therefore, the blue Onyx is also. Moreover, it is a stone of inner strength that helps to center oneself and also to center energies and allows one to acquire better self-control, especially in the event, or in times, of stress, both mental and physical. As the stone of the throat chakra, Blue Onyx helps regulate the voice and improves speech by stimulating the throat. It increases endurance and increases the determination of the person who wears it.

It's up to you to choose between the "Om" for compassion and wisdom, the "Lotus Flower" sacred symbol for purity, patience and fulfillment or "Buddha" for compassion, benevolence and altruism and click now on "Add to cart" to receive your Bracelet with blue Onyx charm as soon as possible.

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