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999 Silver Heart Sutra Engraved Bangle Bracelet

999 Silver Heart Sutra Engraved Bangle Bracelet

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This elegant Bangle Bracelet engraved with the Heart Sutra in 999 silver is a magnificent creation representing a famous Buddhist symbolism! To stay between elegance and discretion, this bracelet is 5.2 cm in diameter and 4.5 mm thick and will suit both ladies and gentlemen.

The engraving of the Heart Sutra is found on the entire surface of the bracelet as the deployment of a poetic inclination. It is taken from Prajna-paramita literature and is the words of Buddha Shakyamuni. This Sutra is taken from a collection of Buddhist texts on the perfection of wisdom.

This sutra shares the experience of Avalokiteśvara who embodies the main quality of the Buddha: compassion which earned him the nickname of Mahâkaruna. It is the best known, but also the most important that Buddhists and monks recite.

This very beautiful Bangle bracelet engraved with the Sutra of the heart in 999 silver remains essential by its shape and essential by its message. In addition, it will coordinate with all clothing whether worn by women or men. Wisdom is one of your values, so do not hesitate to click on "Add to cart" to acquire this magnificent jewel.

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