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“Anti-stress” bracelet in natural Amazonite

“Anti-stress” bracelet in natural Amazonite

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This beautiful Natural Amazonite “Stress Relief” Bracelet is handmade with genuine semi-precious natural Amazonite stones cut into a stick shape and assembled on high strength genuine leather strands. It is finished with a button nicely engraved with a tree of life, a true symbol of strength, longevity and rebirth, and adjustable in 2 positions to obtain a perfect fit on the wrist.

Amazonite is sanitizing to soothe the mind, purifying by acting on the affective areas, and emotionally calming to calm the mind. It offers calm and relaxation for better inner balance and promotes good sleep. It also acts on the magnetic fields which are polluted by harmful waves invading our daily lives and our spaces, in particular those linked to the devices we use on a daily basis such as microwave ovens, computers or mobile phones.

By the stones that compose it, this "anti-stress" bracelet in natural Amazonite will fill you with elegance with a lot of charm while making you benefit from the widely recognized virtues of this magnificent stone with soft colors. Click on "Add to cart" without delay to be able to wear it as soon as possible.

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