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“Mastery and Self-Confidence” Bracelet in Black Onyx

“Mastery and Self-Confidence” Bracelet in Black Onyx

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This "Mastery and Self-confidence" Bracelet in black Onyx is offered to you in 2 versions, either with a head of Buddha, a spiritual tribute to this sacred personality, or with a charm representing the symbol "Om", this vibratory sound which would be at the origin of the world and of all that is. This beautiful bracelet is made of high quality 8 mm natural semi-precious pearls to guarantee you a jewel that will last a long time.

The Black Onyx used is a particularly powerful stone that helps to strengthen self-control, but also your self-confidence. It helps to improve nerve functions while allowing you to be able to better manage your stress and the difficulties you face on a daily basis. This stone will act as a real stimulant.

In addition to these undeniable and perfectly proven beneficial properties, this Black Onyx "Self-Confidence and Mastery" Bracelet will coordinate without any difficulty with most of your daily clothes and will produce a truly elegant effect by the depth of its color.

Adopt or offer this magnificent "Mastery and Self-Confidence" Bracelet in Black Onyx by clicking on "Add to Cart" now. It is so easy to have fun while doing good!

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