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Apatite “Slimming” bracelet for weight loss

Apatite “Slimming” bracelet for weight loss

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This magnificent "Slimming" bracelet in blue Apatite phosphorite will charm you with its soothing color, but not only...

The Blue Phosphorite Apatite that makes up the “Slimming” Bracelet is known to act as a natural appetite suppressant. Thus, wearing this bracelet will drastically reduce your snacking. It will allow you to reduce the portions of your meals without frustration.

Blue Phosphorite Apatite is a stone dazzling with its luminous color that unmistakably recalls the beauty of a summer sky or the color of the depths of a calm sea. It is particularly suitable for the heart chakra on which it acts to bring the necessary relief during heartache or thwarted love and at the same time promotes the appeasement of emotions as well as the reconquest of oneself. However, it has a potential for action on the other chakras. As a result, it would promote speech and also reduce hoarseness. It would be stimulating for the hearing by participating in the improvement of the capacity of active listening.

In addition, it helps in the development of expression. The other particularity of Blue Apatite Phosphorite is that it acts as a real amplifier on other stones so that they reveal their potential more intensely.

This magnificent "Slimming" bracelet in blue Apatite phosphorite will coordinate very well with most of your outfits without distorting your style and will not fail to be your daily ally to improve your well-being, click on "Add to basket" now to receive it as soon as possible.

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