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Guided Meditation

Bracelet Buddha and Blue Tiger's Eye

Bracelet Buddha and Blue Tiger's Eye

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This magnificent Buddha and Blue Tiger's Eye Bracelet is made of natural semi-precious stones perfectly arranged together. The 8 mm stones are assembled on a high density elastic support to ensure great durability and excellent quality to the jewel.

Blue Tiger's Eye, also known as Hawk's Eye, Royal Tiger's Eye or Eagle's Eye, encourages tolerance and openness to others, especially with regard to the mind. This stone is therefore recommended for people with an introverted tendency, because it leads them to open up to others serenely and positively. It brings its benefits to fight against certain pains, such as headaches and other migraines, soothes the eyes in case of eye fatigue while improving their faculties.

Moreover, like traditional Tiger's Eye, this stone has similar protective properties. It improves concentration, protects against negative energies and balances yin and yang, dispels fears and soothes in case of agitation.

This very beautiful Blue Tiger Eye Buddha Bracelet is as protective as it is elegant, get it by clicking on "Add to cart" to receive it without delay.

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