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Tibetan Buddhist bracelet made of natural Bodhi seeds

Tibetan Buddhist bracelet made of natural Bodhi seeds

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This magnificent Tibetan Buddhist bracelet made of natural Bodhi seeds is really full of elegance thanks to this speckled aspect of the beads. It is made entirely by hand with high quality 8 mm to 10 mm pearls.

This Buddhist bracelet is intended to support those who wear it during their prayer or meditation. In addition, this bracelet is aesthetically perfect and truly lucky.

The designs are natural giving this speckled appearance of extreme quality and not reworked. Whether you wear it as a meditation object that allows you to access well-being by developing a zen attitude while warding off negative energies, or simply as a simple piece of jewelry.

The Bodhi seed takes its name from the Sanskrit which translates it as "to be enlightened" or "to be awakened", so the seed of Bodhi literally means "enlightened seed".

Available in four sizes to suit both women and men.

By wearing it every day, you give yourself the opportunity to attract luck to you at every moment of your daily life.

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