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Lapis Lazuli heart bracelet

Lapis Lazuli heart bracelet

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This superb Lapis Lazuli Heart Bracelet sparkles with the shards of the natural stone. It consists of 8 mm round pearls carefully selected for their quality, a rectangular central plate and a charming little heart pendant.

Lapis Lazuli is an interesting stone both emotionally and physically. Through its properties, it fights to remove anxieties and other fears that are difficult to overcome as well as blockages, in this case those that emanate from emotions. It promotes the development of speech to improve dialogue and encourages frankness.

On the physical level, its benefits are not less, because it strengthens blood circulation, reduces hair loss and limits nail breakage. It also fights pain such as sore throat, cough or fever, but also headaches.

By its deep blue, when you wear it you will have no trouble coordinating your outfits. On the other hand, there is no doubt that you will no longer be able to do without this superb Lapis Lazuli heart bracelet. Click now on “Add to cart” to receive it as soon as possible and benefit from its multiple properties.

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