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Amazonite 2 in 1 Friendship Bracelet

Amazonite 2 in 1 Friendship Bracelet

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This 2 in 1 friendship bracelet in Amazonite is particularly well thought out for a resolutely charming visual rendering with its two rows of real natural Amazonite beads and a row of black beads with shiny reflections. The pearls are enclosed on a cord in two color tones for even more charm. For the closure, it ends with a button with two possible attachment positions so that you can adjust it according to your convenience to the size of your wrist.

As for Amazonite, it is a stone recommended for people prone to depression or who have tendencies in this direction, because it helps them to put things into perspective according to the circumstances in order to manage them better. This stone fights against negative energies, but also thoughts that go in the same direction. It generates appeasement and calm, and can even incite joy, to counter stress, frustrations and other forms of irritation. In addition, Amazonite participates in freeing the thought and increases the capacities of the imagination to bring creativity to develop positively.

So that this magnificent 2 in 1 friendship bracelet in Amazonite comes to nicely decorate your wrist, do not hesitate to order it by clicking on "Add to basket".

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