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Guided Meditation

“Compassion and wisdom” bracelet

“Compassion and wisdom” bracelet

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The bracelet is a fashion must-have to complete an outfit by perfecting it with an additional touch of femininity. This Compassion and Wisdom Bracelet will not deviate from this perfectly established rule.

It is composed of a red woven cord embellished with a cylinder bearing the mantra "Om Mani Padme Hum", the mantra of great compassion and wisdom taken from Sanskrit, which is recited daily by Buddhist monks and many followers of spirituality. . This mantra is the extension of the "Om Ah Hum" which guides towards wisdom by showing compassion for others and the world around us and by keeping yourself away from all forms of jealousy, greed or even hate. It also leads to the fulfillment of the essence of self and the fulfillment of speech.

This Bracelet of Compassion and Wisdom is also believed to bring good luck and happiness to anyone who wears it. Traditionally, it is highly recommended to wear it on the left wrist, since it is the side that acts as a receiving channel for positive energies.

Make this Compassion and Wisdom Bracelet your daily companion that will inspire you to stay on the path to peace and inner well-being by clicking "Add to Cart" now.

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