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Bracelet in leather and stones Eye of the tiger

Bracelet in leather and stones Eye of the tiger

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This superb bracelet in leather and Tiger Eye stones will only bring you benefits in terms of well-being. It is as beautiful as it is useful by the properties with which it is endowed.

First of all, its realization is perfectly mastered with a beautiful alliance between natural semi-precious stones and genuine leather. It is finished with a refined note with its pretty square and openwork zinc alloy closing button.

Concerning the Tiger's Eye stone, it is one of the most protective stones that preserves its wearer from surrounding negative energies while promoting positive energies. This stone also brings a balance between the Yin and the Yang present in each being.

In addition, Tiger's Eye dispels fears and fears, soothes in case of agitation while fighting stress. This stone, in addition to being particularly beautiful with its multiple reflections, is in itself a real protective shield.

Let yourself be seduced by this very beautiful leather bracelet and Tiger's Eye stones which you will not be able to do without as you will feel the good it will do you and the positive benefits it generates. Click "Add to Cart" now to get it as soon as possible.

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