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Thin bracelet in natural stones

Thin bracelet in natural stones

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It is sometimes pleasant, even judicious, to wear bracelets that are not very imposing according to certain outfits or according to the occasions. This magnificent thin bracelet in natural stones will respond perfectly to this need each time you want to add a note of discretion to your style without sacrificing the elegance that you want to keep on a daily basis. It will coordinate with your style according to your mood while ensuring that you highlight your wrist with undeniable charm.

For this Fine Natural Stone Bracelet, the semi-precious natural stones have been cut into a 6 mm dice shape and have been encased on a double brown genuine leather support. Made entirely by hand, it is available in 12 color variants to allow you all the boldness or simply to offer you the pleasure of changing it as often as you wish. It is finished with two closing positions and a nice button to allow you to adjust it perfectly to your wrist.

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