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Guided Meditation

“Strength and Power” Bracelet in Red Tiger Eye and Black Onyx

“Strength and Power” Bracelet in Red Tiger Eye and Black Onyx

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- Original design created by Guided Meditation
- Only available on Guided Meditation
- Certified natural stones (AAA quality) and 925 silver
- Comes with a nice gift box and a user manual

To support you in your daily life, this superb Bracelet "Force & Power" stamped Guided Meditation is the perfect jewel that will accompany you at all times without ever failing while adorning you with true elegance. It is composed of 8 mm genuine semi-precious stone beads in South African Red Tiger's Eye alternating with African Black Onyx beads.

To make this jewel even more becoming on your wrist, we also wanted to associate it with a 925 silver bead engraved with the name of the Guided Meditation boutique to personalize it. It is available in two sizes to suit both women and men.

This premium bracelet is composed of 2 powerful stones

Red Tiger's Eye
Also called Bull's Eye and even Bull's Eye, is a particularly protective stone that concentrates multiple reflections making this stone very beautiful at first glance. But, what makes its real reputation are its many powerful protective properties widely recognized in the world of lithotherapy and whose general reputation is second to none. These are no different from the more common Brown Tiger's Eye.

Red Tiger's Eye is therefore, like Brown Tiger's Eye, a real protective shield, a bulwark that wards off negative energies and other harmful waves, but enveloping you in positive energies at the same time. It brings calm to soothe in case of anger, aggressive crisis or state of agitation. It improves concentration, removes misgivings and various fears, amplifies courage, increases strength and balances yin and yang.

Black Onyx
Onyx is also one of the stones with super properties that will act both mentally and physically. It amplifies the force to increase the resistance as well as the nervous functions to allow you to better understand the events, especially when they promise to be difficult. It will be of great help in increasing your ability to persuade in all situations, including if you need this quality in the professional field.

If you are in a relationship, Onyx calms conflicts, reduces arguments and builds trust. You will be able to better manage your stress, gain better self-control and more self-confidence. Moreover, worn around the neck or on the heart, it will act as a regenerator.

Black Onyx in combination with Red Tiger's Eye will bring you double protection to promote your daily well-being while defending you against the negative energies present around you in your environment. It will help you get stronger effortlessly.

The colors make this bracelet especially easy to coordinate with most of your outfits.

Adorn yourself with this super shield of protection by ordering now this magnificent Bracelet "Strength & Power" stamped Guided Meditation which will not fail for a moment to preserve your well-being as soon as you have put it on your wrist. To get it without delay, quickly click on "Add to cart".

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