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Protection bracelet Lapis Lazuli and head of Buddha

Protection bracelet Lapis Lazuli and head of Buddha

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This superb Lapis Lazuli and Buddha head protection bracelet reveals undeniable charm and elegance whether you opt for the silver or gold version. Available in 4 sizes, it will suit both women and men due to its unisex spirit.

Lapis Lazuli acts on the physical level as well as on the mental and emotional level. Because of this, it is effective against sore throats and headaches, including coughs, migraines and purely nerve pain. It strengthens nails and hair to significantly reduce breakage. As well as the blood circulation which it improves.

On the mental level, Lapis Lazuli encourages dialogue by developing the development of speech while promoting frankness, useful in particular for introverted people. It helps to release anxieties as well as fears, it also releases blockages, even when they are emotionally related.

Treat yourself to the beauty and benefits of this very beautiful Lapis Lazuli protection bracelet and Buddha head by clicking now on "Add to basket" to receive it without delay.

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