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Guided Meditation

Tiger eye bracelet with heart pendant

Tiger eye bracelet with heart pendant

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If Tiger's Eye is one of the most protective stones, it is also a superb stone with incomparable brown and yellow reflections. This Tiger Eye Bracelet with heart pendant will find the grace it deserves around your wrist.

Tiger's Eye is an exemplary protective shield against external negative energies circulating in your surroundings, including those related to the environment, while preserving internal positive energies. Also, it balances yin and yang whenever needed.

This stone, particularly helpful in healing to varying degrees, is highly prized by followers of meditation, as it increases concentration, allowing the mind to develop favorably and consciousness to rise serenely. It is also so in the field of lithotherapy and in the practice of Reiki, because it is effective in fighting against depression, agitation and calms fears, anxieties and anxiety.

This magnificent Tiger Eye Bracelet with heart pendant is not only beautiful, it is also very useful in everyday life where it will be a truly beneficial companion. Adopt it quickly by clicking on "Add to cart" now.

Features :

Length: 8mm
Stone: Tiger's Eye

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