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“Harmony and Healing” Bracelet in Rhodonite

“Harmony and Healing” Bracelet in Rhodonite

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Diamètre des perles

Rhodonite: A Stone of Harmony and Healing

Discover the "Harmony and Healing" Bracelet in Rhodonite, an elegant jewel that combines the softness of its pink and black hues with soothing virtues. Coming from the depths of the Earth, this precious stone is an invitation to harmony and well-being.

A Natural Jewel with Unique Reflections

Rhodonite is known for its beautiful shades of pink, sometimes punctuated with black or gray mottles. Each bead in the bracelet tells its own story, with its unique reflections and patterns. It is this uniqueness that makes each Rhodonite bracelet absolutely distinct and personal.

Design and Personalization

Designed to perfectly fit the shape of each wrist, the "Harmony and Healing" Bracelet in Rhodonite is available in different sizes, from 16 to 25 cm. Depending on your aesthetic preferences, the beads are available in 6, 8 or 10mm, adding subtle nuance to the piece.

The pearls, carefully selected for their exceptional quality, are arranged to create a visual and energetic balance, making this bracelet not only a fashion accessory, but also a true ally for well-being.

The Beneficial Virtues of Rhodonite

Since time immemorial, Rhodonite has been associated with emotional healing. It is often used as a support stone to overcome trauma and soothe wounds of the heart. It is also known to balance emotions, promote self-esteem and encourage forgiveness.

Wearing the "Harmony and Healing" Bracelet in Rhodonite means surrounding yourself with a gentle and comforting energy, ideal for moving forward with serenity and confidence in everyday life.

A Timeless Piece for All Occasions

The Rhodonite bracelet stands out for its timeless aesthetic. Its soft pink hues go perfectly with any outfit, whether it's an elegant evening or a casual day. Its natural beauty attracts the eye, while bringing a note of softness and serenity.

The "Harmony and Healing" Rhodonite Bracelet is more than just a piece of jewelry. It is a fusion of natural beauty, elegant design and soothing virtues. By choosing this bracelet, you offer yourself a faithful companion to guide you through hardships, soothe your emotions and make every moment more beautiful.

It's time to treat yourself to this unique piece and feel all the beneficial power of Rhodonite. Add the Rhodonite bracelet to your basket now and let yourself be seduced by this marvelous alliance of elegance and well-being.

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