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“Rush” bracelet in titanium steel

“Rush” bracelet in titanium steel

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Because men also like to look good at all times, they like to complete their style with jewelry that looks like them and with which they feel good.

This "Ring" Bracelet in Titanium steel will therefore meet their desire. It is open to adapt to all wrists and the Titanium allows exceptional longevity. This metal is highly resistant to all corrosion, scratches, rust, sweat, sea water and other erosions. Even through time, it remains beautiful. It is also a hypoallergenic metal recommended for people allergic to other metals.

This very beautiful "Ring" Bracelet in Titanium steel will look great on a daily basis. It will coordinate very well with each of your outfits and will be very chic even with a suit or a dress jacket.

With a width of 5 mm, this superb bracelet will be perfectly adapted to fill you with elegance. You can vary your style depending on the bracelet, as it comes in silver, rose gold or black, as desired. Click quickly on “Add to basket” to receive your Titanium steel “Ring” bracelet as soon as possible.

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