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Guided Meditation

“Inner balance” bracelet in Jasper and Unakite

“Inner balance” bracelet in Jasper and Unakite

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A beautiful color coordination has been perfectly imagined for this "inner balance" bracelet in Jasper and Unakite.

Jasper is a grounding and healing stone, it protects against stress, anxiety and negative vibes. It promotes stability, clears the mind and favorably activates meditation.

Unakite helps the person who wears it to put things into perspective and step back from situations, especially when they are not easy to manage. This stone, when it contains yellowish green, dark green or light red, is a support for various problems such as those affecting the intestines, the liver or the gallbladder. When it contains beige, it will help with bone problems.

These two ranges of stones are part of the semi-precious stones with particularly interesting and useful virtues on a daily basis, because they are very helpful in improving internal balance, but also physical.

Between this superb "inner balance" bracelet in Jasper and Unakite and the symbols associated with it, Buddha for wisdom and compassion, the elephant for happiness and luck, you will be ready for happy days. Click without delay to get your bracelet as soon as possible.

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