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Guided Meditation

5 row bracelet in leather and Labradorite

5 row bracelet in leather and Labradorite

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This magnificent 5-row leather and genuine Labradorite bracelet is made from natural semi-precious stones whose particular reflections are specific to this variety of stone. Its leather cord allows for a snug fit to fit most wrists and features a button engraved with the "Om" symbol. The "Om" is the sound commonly used in meditation and by Buddhist monks. This sound would be at the origin of the world and of all that is. It is also a symbol of wisdom, also very present in Buddhism.

Labradorite, on the other hand, is a particularly protective natural semi-precious stone that protects those who wear it from the evils that are found in their environment. In addition, it absorbs negative energies to dissolve them. In addition, Labradorite is a stone that regenerates the being by fighting against all forms of fatigue, both intellectual and physical. It is an ideal everyday shield.

Enhance your clothes and embellish your wrist by ordering this superb 5-row leather and genuine Labradorite bracelet by clicking on "Add to cart" now to receive it and enjoy as soon as possible all the beneficial benefits that these exceptional stones will provide you with. daily.

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