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Labradorite stone bracelet

Labradorite stone bracelet

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This superb Labradorite stone bracelet, which will suit both women and men, is entirely handmade with the greatest care taken both in the production itself and in the choice of stones selected for their high quality. It is finished with a sliding knot, also called a lucky knot, allowing an ideal adjustment to your wrist.

Labradorite is known in the world of gems to be a stone full of benefits, reassuring and regenerative ranking among the best stones of protection. It fights fatigue, whether intellectual or physical, and soothes the aura. It promotes the vital force by balancing it in order to protect the body as well as the spirit and their essential well-being.

It protects against insecurity, helps to fight against different forms of anxiety and anxiety in general.

This magnificent Labradorite stone bracelet will be your daily ally to bring you all the benefits of the stones that compose it. Click "Add to Cart" now to receive it ASAP

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