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Leather bracelet and "Om" symbol on Yak bone

Leather bracelet and "Om" symbol on Yak bone

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This superb leather bracelet and “Om” symbol on Yak bone is an original creation and full of charm. The Yak bone has been carefully polished to be free from any flaws and then engraved with the symbol representing the sound "Om" which is said to be the vibrational sound at the origin of the world and all that is. The engraving of the "Om" was then tinted with green, the color of hope. The set has been cleverly embellished with a waxed cotton cord used to adjust the bracelet to adapt it to all wrists.

The “Om” symbolizes unity in mind and body. It is one of the 6 syllables drawn from the mantra of wisdom and great compassion, the best known and the most used by Buddhists, the most recited too. Yak bone, with its black color, blends perfectly with the noble material of leather and will go wonderfully with all your daily outfits.

By wearing this very beautiful leather bracelet and "Om" symbol on Yak bone, you will highlight your attachment to the symbol of "Om" as well as your predisposition to wisdom and your compassion for others. Click "Add to Cart" to get yours.

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