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Macrame bracelet and natural apatites

Macrame bracelet and natural apatites

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The elegance of style is obvious for this very beautiful bracelet macramé and natural Apatites. The depth of the color of this stone makes it truly an exceptional jewel. It is designed entirely by hand to suit both ladies and gentlemen.

Apatite corresponds to the heart chakra. By promoting hearing, it improves listening skills. It is therefore perfect for couples and lovers whose relationships it supports by fighting against annoyances and other negative emotions that may arise in the couple.

Apatite also plays an important role in supporting the wearer in case of heartache, sadness linked to a breakup. It offers inner appeasement while reducing torment and other afflictions emanating from grief.

This piece of jewelery will unquestionably go well with all the outfits that you will associate with it on a daily basis. This stone helps with better speech to promote clear oral expression to be better understood by those around you. By bringing its properties to the other chakras, it contributes to the improvement of general well-being. By wearing it in association with other stones, it increases their properties.

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