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"Creativity and Imagination" bracelet in natural Amethyst stones

"Creativity and Imagination" bracelet in natural Amethyst stones

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This "Creativity and Imagination" Bracelet in natural Amethyst stones is a creation made with real high quality semi-precious natural stones interposed with precision by colored pearls giving the whole a superb visual rendering and a perfectly mastered aesthetics which will not fail to endow you with true elegance.

Amethyst holds powerful properties. This stone is the stone of creators and artists appealing to their imagination, because it promotes concentration on the one hand and imagination on the other hand to increase so-called imaginary expression as well as creativity by clarifying the mind. It also stabilizes the energies to dissipate anxieties and stress. In addition, it is powerful in reducing tension, including nervous, anger, hypersensitivity, but also pain.

So that you receive a jewel of good quality, this Bracelet "Creativity and Imagination" in natural Amethyst stones has been handcrafted with the greatest care. Each carefully chosen stone has been mounted on a strong elastic backing.

Your bracelet will embellish your daily clothes with a lot of charm, and will bring you the protection you deserve or are looking for. To receive your "Creativity and Imagination" bracelet in natural Amethyst stones, click now on "Add to basket".

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