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"Vitality and Energy" Bracelet in Natural Garnet

"Vitality and Energy" Bracelet in Natural Garnet

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This "Vitality and Energy" Bracelet in natural Garnet concentrates brightness and simplicity while being resolutely elegant!

It is the depth of its color, the quality of the semi-precious stones used to make it and the beneficial properties of Garnet make it a jewel that is as useful as it is superb.

Garnet is the stone of transformation, but also a stone of friendship and loyalty. Its virtues are numerous, starting with the fact that it promotes love passion, it improves sexual energy. It helps to overcome difficulties in order to better understand and act on them. She is protective against deception and lies.

Garnet purifies the chakras. It provides vitality and stimulates energy to combat fatigue or apathy by significantly strengthening vital energy. In general, Garnet is not recommended for people prone to anger as well as people with a jealous personality, because it would amplify these two aspects. On the other hand, it is recommended for calm people.

This "Vitality and Energy" Bracelet in natural Garnet is available in 3 stone sizes to satisfy everyone's desires. Quickly enjoy the benefits of Garnet and the brilliance of these magnificent stones by clicking without delay on "Add to basket" to receive it as soon as possible.

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