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Pi xiu “wealth and abundance” bracelet

Pi xiu “wealth and abundance” bracelet

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"Wealth and abundance" bracelet in red or black braided cotton accompanied by a Pi Xiu in 999 sterling silver plated with 24K gold

The Pi Xiu "wealth and abundance" bracelet, carefully braided by hand, is adjustable according to the size of your wrist thanks to its system of sliding threads. Chic and easy to wear, this protection bracelet in 999 sterling silver plated with 24K gold will be an original and quality adornment for your wrist.

The Pi Xiu is undoubtedly the most popular Feng Shui symbol in China and Asia. A mythical creature, the Pi Xiu is the ninth son of the Celestial Dragon of the Jade Emperor. Its main task is to bestow blessings of good finances and wealth. Traditionally, the PiXiu has no anus, in fact despite its infinite appetite, things go in without ever being able to go out. Amazing Asian symbolism, indicating that money will come to you, but never leave...

The Pi Xiu is therefore a wonderful companion, which will always try to rid its happy possessor of "bad luck" and replace it with wealth and happiness. Main virtues attributed to Pi Xiu in Feng Shui: attract wealth and prosperity, protect the house and its inhabitants, bring luck and happiness, eliminate difficulties and negative energies, protect its owner against accidents during travels.. The Chinese symbol for luck and money is engraved on the back of the Pi Xiu.

On the other hand, this Pi Xiu “wealth and abundance” bracelet is made of high quality 24K gold-plated 999 Sterling Silver, which only enhances its beauty and power. It is available in red or black.

Make or treat yourself to a wonderful gift with this PI XIU "Wealth and Abundance" Bracelet by adding it to your cart now.

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