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Unisex lucky charm bracelet

Unisex lucky charm bracelet

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This unisex lucky bracelet, whatever the color chosen, is made entirely by hand in the respect of tradition by Tibetan monks who make them by infusing them with prayers, called mantras, positive waves beneficial to everyone. who will acquire it.

You will prefer the red version in the image of Leonardo DiCaprio, or rather in dark blue, delicate white or deep black, you are the sole judge of this choice. But, in any case, they will coordinate easily with all your daily outfits.

One half of the bracelet is solid color while the other is multicolored, combined with gold-colored braided threads, which gives it a very elegant effect. This bracelet is completed by two small cylindrical beads, one of which is nicely engraved, then finished with a slipknot, known as the knot of luck.

This unisex lucky charm bracelet will therefore be suitable for both men and women, as it ranges from 14 to 26 cm, and will bring good luck to both of them. In the same way, it will coordinate with all daily outfits without a doubt.

Adopt now, the version or versions that have your preference and click as soon as possible on "Add to basket" to receive your choice.

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