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Shamballa bracelet "Tree of life" in natural Amazonite

Shamballa bracelet "Tree of life" in natural Amazonite

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Pierre :
The Shamballa Bracelet "Tree of Life" in natural Amazonite is of a meticulous design, because it requires a great concentration. It is for this reason that this type of bracelet is traditionally made by hand, because no machine could execute such precise knots between the stones which must be handled with dexterity and attention so as not to alter them, but also to respect the distances between each of them.

As for amazonite, it is known to be a stone of joy and appeasement. For this purpose, it soothes in case of melancholy and sadness, offers relief in case of depression by generating comfort and consolation. During certain events or in certain situations, Amazonite encourages you to put these moments into perspective by helping to better manage them. It fights against stress by bringing calm, fights irritation by encouraging tranquility and acts against frustration by generating joy. It is also effective in increasing the capacities of the imagination as well as its potential and frees the mind, which at the same time favorably develops creativity.

The Tree of Life, on the other hand, is a sacred symbol of longevity, strength and rebirth in many cultures, as it represents the invisible but unbreakable link between heaven and earth.

This "Tree of Life" Shamballa Bracelet in natural Amazonite is made for you! Adopt it as soon as possible by clicking on "Add to cart".

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