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Shamballa bracelet “Tree of life” in Amethyst

Shamballa bracelet “Tree of life” in Amethyst

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Pierre :
This very beautiful "Tree of Life" Shamballa Bracelet in natural Amethyst will marvelously illuminate your wrist while granting you the benefits that the stone is endowed with.

Amethyst is a semi-precious stone whose color is never uniform. It shows superb chips and encrustations that cannot be similar from one stone to another.

The beneficial properties of Amethyst are numerous, but also powerful. It will be an important element to promote your daily well-being, because it soothes sorrows and sorrows, calms anger, nervous tension and hypersensitivity, enlightens the mind to better reason, develops creativity by stimulating it, increases concentration. In case of anxiety or disturbance, it is soothing and reduces worries and stress.

Concerning the energies, the Amethyst stabilizes them and reinforces the other stones of which it increases their energies when they are worn at the same time. Amethyst is highly recommended for people with creative activities calling on the imagination, in particular artists and creators of works of the mind.

The Tree of Life, meanwhile, is the link between earth and heaven, a symbol of longevity, rebirth and strength.

This superb "Tree of Life" Shamballa Bracelet in natural Amethyst is a jewel that will embellish your wrist with ease as soon as you click on "Add to basket" to receive it.natural

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