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Shamballa bracelet "Tree of life" in natural Imperial Jasper

Shamballa bracelet "Tree of life" in natural Imperial Jasper

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This charming "Tree of Life" Shamballa Bracelet in natural Imperial Jasper is colorful and will undoubtedly bring joy to your daily life while coordinating perfectly with most of your day and evening outfits. And even on vacation where it will reveal its superb shards on your arm. This set of natural stones of different colors is nicely coordinated and the beads are assembled one by one by hand on a braided brown cord respecting the ancestral Buddhist tradition with the technique specific to the making of this type of precious jewel. The bracelet is closed by a sliding knot, called lucky knot or knot of luck, to allow you to adjust it ideally to the size of your wrist.

The Tree of Life and the Imperial Jasper are complementary in their virtues and in their symbolism. The first symbolizes, for a number of cultures, the unbreakable bond between earth and sky, the sacred spirit of life force, rebirth and longevity. Everything that the tree represents over the seasons and years.

As for Imperial Jasper, linked to the sacral chakra, it is an anchor stone with a thousand virtues, but mainly a stone of balance. It promotes ego stability to counter any imbalances and amplifies inner strength to allow its wearer to calmly find their place in their daily life and environment. It allows you to forge your own identity and to anchor yourself in the present to excel in the management of the tasks that fall to you and the obligations of every day with a formidable adaptability. This stone increases your inner strength to promote your natural authority, it thus increases confidence, strong self-confidence while strengthening the esteem, consideration and respect you have for yourself so that you love yourself as you deserve. .

On a more spiritual level, it is also effective in pushing you to regain confidence in the feelings related to love, encourages you to develop your benevolence and your compassion, urges wisdom and patience, stimulates courage and modesty.

This Shamballa Bracelet "Tree of Life" in natural Imperial Jasper with undeniable charm will make you enjoy all its virtues to bring only well-being in your daily life. Click now on "Add to cart" to receive it as soon as possible.

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