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Shamballa Dreamcatcher Bracelet in Natural Agates

Shamballa Dreamcatcher Bracelet in Natural Agates

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This very beautiful Dreamcatcher Shamballa Bracelet in natural Agates bears the symbol of the dreamcatcher by the representation of the central medal which is also completed by three small pendants in the shape of a feather. It is made entirely by hand in the purest respect of the Tibetan tradition with the techniques specific to this type of jewel impossible to achieve by machines. The stone beads are carefully selected to retain only the most beautiful and carefully assembled on a brown braided cord that beautifully brings out the beauty of the colors of the stones.

Regarding Agate, what produces the excellence, and above all the visual particularity of the stone, are the successions of deposits of different colors that have become embedded and accumulated inside the stone. So that an Agate is always unique and will never be similar to any other.

The other major interest of Agate lies in its beneficial properties and its beneficial virtues which have the particularity of being effective. At first glance, it is a stone of luck, but it is also an anchor stone that promotes inner peace by providing the calm necessary by the removal of energy blockages to generate balance both emotionally and mentally. physically or intellectually. It restores the good harmony between yin and yang so that they remain in symbiosis, brings a good balance of energy and at the same time stabilizes the aura of the person who wears it.

In a situation of stress, but also of anxiety, it supports by being soothing to fight against the various potential interior blockages, even when they are of an energetic nature. In the same way, it regulates the emotional state in case of anger and nervousness to make it more positive. This makes it possible to be able to apprehend complex situations, painful events or difficult unforeseen events more calmly or more calmly.

Your very beautiful Shamballa Dream Catcher bracelet in natural Agates is closed by a sliding lucky knot to allow you to adjust it perfectly to the size of your wrist, because thanks to this type of closure, this bracelet can be suitable for the most wrists. In addition, it will easily coordinate with all your daily outfits. No doubt it will be the envy of those around you! Quickly take advantage of the benefits that these Agates have in store for you and adopt this superb Shamballa Dreamcatcher Bracelet in natural Agates by clicking now on "Add to cart".

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