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Shamballa heart bracelet in natural Amazonite

Shamballa heart bracelet in natural Amazonite

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Like all bracelets of this kind, this Shamballa heart bracelet in natural Amazonite is made entirely by hand. This is the only way to make this jewel with precision so as not to damage the gems while scrupulously respecting the distance between each of them. The stones are assembled and tied together on a braided cord like macrame. This one is completed with a very pretty central heart and is closed with a lucky knot.

As for Amazonite, as it is the stone of appeasement, but also of joy, it alleviates pain, delivers melancholy and relieves during depressions by bringing the necessary consolation and comfort.

Amazonite helps to temper oneself by putting things into perspective during events that may seem difficult to manage them more calmly. It dissipates stress by promoting calm, induces tranquility by chasing away irritation and eliminates frustration by instilling joy. As it is a fairly complete stone, it increases the imaginary potential by freeing the thoughts to promote the development of creativity.

This Shamballa heart bracelet in natural Amazonite will show great elegance on your wrist while making you enjoy all these benefits. Receive it as soon as possible by clicking on "Add to cart".

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