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Shamballa Bracelet in Natural Apatite

Shamballa Bracelet in Natural Apatite

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This very beautiful Shamballa Bracelet in natural Apatite, in addition to being of great beauty, is a protective jewel whose role is to defend friendship, love and feelings insofar as it is a stone linked to the chakra of the heart. It is therefore one of the resolutely perfect stones to help couples and lovers since it will participate in combating the negative effects, but also the emotions of the same order, especially in the event of annoyances in order to preserve the couple's relationship, sentimental or love disputes.

This superb stone with many qualities, indisputable properties and exceptional variations of blue is a real mine of beneficial virtues which, moreover, will not fail to marry perfectly with all your daily clothing. You can also combine it with other natural stone jewellery, whose potential it will amplify.

In the same way, natural Apatite is a beneficent stone during heartaches due to a breakup, because it acts against the negative emotions emanating from such a situation to appease the person who is prone to it. In addition, the actions of Apatite also relate to the other chakras to accentuate their potential benefits in order to improve the well-being of the person who wears it. For example, it promotes hearing to increase listening, it protects the throat by reducing hoarseness in order to develop expression on the one hand, and speech or diction on the other.

This Shamballa bracelet in natural Apatite is entirely handmade in the respect of tradition and adjustable to the size of the wrist for which it is intended. Before being assembled, the stones are carefully selected to use only the most beautiful. They are inserted on a braided and colored support ending in a sliding knot, which is also called lucky knot or lucky knot, to perfect the adjustment. The Shamballa assembly technique can only be done by hand so that the distance between each of the stones is always the same, but also because this precision prevents the stones from being damaged.

Do yourself good by keeping bad vibes at bay by protecting your romantic ties and the peace of your couple, but also the tranquility of your heart in the most beautiful way possible with this magnificent Shamballa Bracelet in natural Apatite in click without delay on "Add to basket" to receive it as soon as possible. No doubt you will not regret your choice.

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