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Genuine Labradorite Shamballa Bracelet

Genuine Labradorite Shamballa Bracelet

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Pierre :
This Shamballa Bracelet in genuine Labradorite is of the most certain elegance!

Made from high quality stones assembled on a cord support tied with a sliding knot to facilitate its adjustment to your wrist size, it was made entirely by hand. The pearls are cut halfway between the traditional ball and the disc shape, giving it an even more obvious charm.

Regarding Labradorite, it is positioned among the stones with increased protective properties. It promotes the vital force by rebalancing it to improve your well-being, both for body and mind. It fights fatigue, whether physical or intellectual. Its potential comes to your aid during aura-related injuries by providing you with the calming you need. In the same way, Labradorite fights against the feeling of insecurity and against anxiety. It will act to promote mental and intellectual acuity. And, ultimate virtue and not the least, before they reach you, it absorbs all negative energies and then dissolves them.

This Shamballa Bracelet in genuine Labradorite, as beautiful as it is useful, will be a perfect everyday ally. It will be yours as soon as you click "Add to Cart".

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