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Tiger eye Shamballa bracelet

Tiger eye Shamballa bracelet

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This stunning Tiger Eye Shamballa Bracelet has been crafted with one of the richest and most protective stones. Tiger's Eye is a powerful shield on its own to counter the negative energies it sends back to the sender to protect you. It is many other virtues act for your well-being and that of your body. Tiger's Eye balances your vital energies. It develops your concentration and your intuition, balances the Yin and Yang of the person who wears it. It also participates in dispelling fears and various other fears and promotes the elevation of consciousness, calms agitation, anxiety to lead to more serenity.

The Tiger's Eye stone is an essential pillar in lithotherapy, because in addition to the fact that it is a bulwark against negative or harmful energies and bad vibes, it helps to preserve and protect the good energies that are in each of us. These warm colors also make it a jewel that you really enjoy wearing.

Wearing this beautiful Tiger Eye Shamballa Bracelet will bring you protection, comfort and serenity at all times. Click "Add to Cart" to get yours now!

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