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Shamballa Bracelet in Natural Blue Tiger Eye

Shamballa Bracelet in Natural Blue Tiger Eye

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This superb Shamballa bracelet in natural blue tiger eye will charm you with the beauty of its colors which gives it a certain elegance.

Blue Tiger's Eye, also called Eagle's Eye, Royal Tiger's Eye or Hawk's Eye, has beneficial and beneficial properties identical to those of the more commonly worn Brown Tiger's Eye. This stone, whose reputation is well established, is widely recognized by connoisseurs and in the lithotherapy community as being a real protective shield on its own.

Tiger's Eye, whatever its color, fights against the various negative waves and energies of the same kind that surround you, while preserving the positive energies. It helps to keep anxieties, fears and any other fear away from its wearer and brings the calm necessary to soothe the emotions in case of agitation. It works to balance yin and yang to positively promote good concentration.

On a more physical level, Tiger's Eye soothes pain such as headaches or migraines, and effectively combats eye fatigue while improving the faculties of vision.

On a cerebral and intellectual level, Blue Tiger's Eye promotes open-mindedness and encourages tolerance towards others and those around you, which is particularly useful for people who tend to be introverted, as they will open up to others in a more positive way and with more serenity.

This Natural Blue Tiger Eye Shamballa Bracelet is made of 6mm diameter stones selected with meticulous care to provide only the finest stones. They are then assembled on a braided and colored cord support to give it even more allure and charm. It is closed by a sliding knot, called knot of luck or lucky knot, to allow an ideal adjustment to the wrist of its recipient. The making of this bracelet is entirely handmade using ancestral Tibetan manufacturing techniques, which machines cannot do, to offer you a jewel of high quality and beauty.

This very beautiful Shamballa bracelet in natural blue tiger eye will be your daily protector at all times and will adorn your wrist with superb elegance. To receive it and adopt it as soon as possible, click on "Add to cart" now.

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