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Shamballa Bracelet in Turquoise or White Howlite

Shamballa Bracelet in Turquoise or White Howlite

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This charming Shamballa bracelet in Turquoise or white Howlite is tied on the wrist with a waxed lace. It is made by hand from semi-precious stones in real Turquoise or natural Howlite of 4 mm, depending on the model chosen, and a cylindrical bead in zinc alloy. It will suit both women and men, because the benefits of these stones respond to everyone.

Howlite is an anti-stress stone that promotes inner peace by bringing the necessary calm and helps improve memory. It also promotes self-control and keeps external anger at a distance from those who possess it. Placed under the pillow, it protects against bad dreams to live peaceful nights.

Turquoise has the particularity of chasing away negative disturbances and electromagnetic energies by protecting the subject from harmful environmental pollutants. This stone promotes personal fulfillment by helping to develop it as well as the vision that one has of oneself by making it objective. It contributes to the growth of creative expression. As it is also the stone of lovers, it is beneficial for couples by stimulating romantic love.

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