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Shamballa Bracelet “The Protector” in Blue Tiger Eye

Shamballa Bracelet “The Protector” in Blue Tiger Eye

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For this Shamballa Bracelet "The Protector" in Blue Tiger's Eye, what elegance, it is truly indisputable! For neophytes, Blue Tiger's Eye is also found under the name of Hawk's Eye, Eagle's Eye or Royal Tiger's Eye with the same properties.

Blue Tiger's Eye concentrates the protective properties of traditional brown Tiger's Eye. As a result, it protects against surrounding negative energies, dispels fears and other fears, effectively calms in case of agitation, helps to balance yin and yang, helps to have better concentration.

Among the properties it has in addition, it is useful to fight pains such as migraines and headaches. It fights against eye fatigue and improves faculties. On the mental level, it urges to open one's mind to others and to tolerance, which is beneficial for people prone to introversion to encourage them to open up positively to others while remaining serene.

To make this beautiful and elegant Blue Tiger Eye Shamballa Bracelet "The Protector" your daily protector, click "Add to Cart" now.

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