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Shamballa “Om” bracelet in natural Amazonite

Shamballa “Om” bracelet in natural Amazonite

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Mounted on a braided cord, this very beautiful Shamballa "Om" bracelet in natural Amazonite is available in two sizes to be intended for both men and women.

The beautiful natural stone beads have been encircled one by one entirely by hand in a superb color adjustment. It closes with a sliding knot typical of Shamballa bracelets, also called lucky knot.

As for Amazonite, it is a stone of appeasement that is recommended in particular for people prone to depression, because it helps to put the events they are going through into perspective in order to manage them as well as possible. Amazonite fights dark thoughts as well as negative energies. This stone promotes the power of the imagination to amplify creativity and facilitate the release of thought. It is known to generate calm, bring appeasement and restore joy. It also fights against stress, various frustrations and soothes in case of irritation.

The 'Om' symbol is the vibrational sound taken from the famous mantra of wisdom and compassion 'Om Mani Padme Hum' recited by Buddhists and practitioners of meditation.

This superb Shamballa "Om" Bracelet in natural Amazonite is truly the jewel that is missing from your collection. To receive it, click now on “Add to basket”.

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