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Guided Meditation

Colorful Lucky Knot Tibetan Bracelet

Colorful Lucky Knot Tibetan Bracelet

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Buddhist bracelets such as this very beautiful Tibetan Lucky Knot Colorful Bracelet are very prominent and find favor in the heart of fashion. But, what makes it special and its reputation is certainly the way they are made and the Tibetan monks who devote their daily time to them.

No machine, just the patience, meditation and know-how of the Buddhist monks who design them entirely by hand with the meticulousness to which they are particularly accustomed. They carry out the braiding of the strands of cotton by reciting prayers which they call mantras in an uninterrupted manner with the aim of impregnating each of their realization with positive energies to attract luck to its future carrier.

Each bracelet requires between 30 and 50 minutes of execution in deep concentration in order to produce a high quality jewel. It is held closed by a sliding Jingang knot, often called a lucky knot, allowing it to be adjusted to all wrists.

This stunning colorful Lucky Knot Tibetan Bracelet is designed to suit both women and men independently and easily coordinate with any outfit. To receive yours as soon as possible, click on “Add to basket” now.

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