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Tibetan bracelet in natural coconut shell

Tibetan bracelet in natural coconut shell

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This very pretty Tibetan bracelet in natural coconut shell is completed with cylindrical beads engraved in zinc alloy and white copper. The central bead represents a VAJRA charm taken from Sanskrit and which means "diamond", "lightning" or "thunderbolt", it is a sacred symbol in the Buddhist tradition.

Handmade by Tibetan monks who recite mantras during the making, this bracelet is extremely elegant and will adorn the wrists of these gentlemen, but also that of the ladies. Round and flat genuine coconut shell beads are engraved with the utmost care. It closes with a pearl holding the two strands to adjust it to the size of your wrist. The ends of the strands are finished with a complementary coconut shell bead.

Regarding copper, it has the particularity of stimulating the immune system to strengthen natural defenses. In addition, this metal has an anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and anti-infectious action.

This magnificent Tibetan bracelet in natural coconut shell oscillates between sobriety, chic and elegance. It is sure to coordinate with most of your everyday attire. To receive it as soon as possible, click on "Add to basket" now.

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