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Guided Meditation

Bracelet Buddha and Yellow Tiger's Eye

Bracelet Buddha and Yellow Tiger's Eye

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Uncommon, but very sunny by its color, the Bracelet Buddha and Yellow Tiger's Eye nevertheless has beneficial properties identical to those of the Brown Tiger's Eye, a more traditional variant.

The properties of this stone will protect you from negative energies by making a rampart, like a shield to keep them away, without hindering your positive energies. They will help you to acquire a better concentration while bringing you calm and will fight to calm your fears, your tensions or the agitation of which you could be the object. They will also balance the yin and yang within you.

The head of Buddha symbolizes important values, wearing it means your attachment to them, such as benevolence, compassion, wisdom, altruism or even respect for life by appreciating all the moments it gives in living them in harmony and well-being. This effigy also represents a tribute to this extraordinary man who taught these values by guiding his neighbor.

This Buddha and Yellow Tiger Eye Bracelet will suit both men and women. It is available in gold or silver and in 4 sizes to meet everyone's needs. To receive it, simply click "Add to Cart" now.

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