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Semi-precious natural stone healing bracelets

Semi-precious natural stone healing bracelets

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These Semi-precious Natural Stone Healing Bracelets are beautiful and will add sparkle to your wrist. But, they will make you benefit from all their beneficial properties for your well-being.

The stones are interspersed with small golden pearls. Made by hand, they end with a sliding knot in the style of the lucky knot, each end of the strands of which is finished with a coordinated pearl.

Amethyst, with its powerful protective properties, improves well-being by fighting stress and soothing nervous tension. It participates in clearing the mind to direct towards more sensible, but also rational reflections, benefits necessary especially in case of anger. It is also soothing in case of sadness, anxiety, hypersensitivity and other negative disturbances to promote tranquility. It encourages more concentration to increase creativity. It would be particularly recommended for artists in works emanating from the mind, such as painters, sculptors, writers or musicians.

Lapis Lazuli acts on all levels, physical, mental and emotional. He opens up to dialogue with frankness while helping to repartee so that communication is calm. It promotes creativity, intuition and imagination. It releases anxieties as well as blockages that can destabilize well-being.

Jade improves emotional balance, encourages courage, urges modesty, wisdom among other virtues.

Amazonite is an effective support stone in case of depression countering destabilizing situations. A real bulwark against negative energies, stress and frustrations, it brings peace and calm.

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