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“Distance” bracelets in black Onyx or white Howlite

“Distance” bracelets in black Onyx or white Howlite

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The choice is given to you with this variation of Bracelets in black Onyx or white Howlite with a diameter of 8 mm beads. In shiny black Onyx or matte black Onyx, in plain white Howlite or in marbled white Howlite, it's up to you to adopt the one or those you prefer!

With Onyx, you will discover a stone of reinforcement and stability. It is a stone that builds self-confidence and promotes personal control. It amplifies resistance while helping to better manage the various difficulties that arise on a daily basis.

Howlite, in addition to the sublime brilliance of its whiteness, is a stone of calm. It helps to manage stress and releases anger while improving the management of this type of emotion. It improves sleep when placed in a bedroom, bringing calm and soothing, thus providing beneficial inner tranquility. Howlite is also a great memory booster.

These Black Onyx or White Howlite Bracelets, unisex, therefore offer complementary properties, they can be worn alone or in combination. Improve the management of your stress and your emotions by adopting this type of bracelet. Click now on “Add to basket” to receive it or them.

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