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Guided Meditation

Lucky bracelets in feminine colors

Lucky bracelets in feminine colors

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These pretty Lucky Bracelets in coordinated feminine colors are woven entirely and exclusively by hand. These lucky bracelets have invested fashion in the West to rise to the height of any decorative body accessory that is jewelry.

But, these bracelets also have special features that many jewels do not have. They are made by Tibetan monks who infuse them with powerful positive and spiritual energies by declaiming prayers, or mantras, with heart and love for each other throughout the braiding process, which lasts between 30 and 50 minutes for each person in order to imbue them with energies for those who will wear them.

To allow you to take full advantage of these energies, it is particularly recommended to wear this or these lucky bracelets in feminine colors individually or together, preferably on the left arm, on the receiving side of the good energies.

Do not hesitate to equip yourself with these very beautiful lucky bracelets in very elegant feminine colors which will not fail to decorate your wrist while being real lucky charms. Click on "Add to cart" to order them individually or in threes and receive them now.

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